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Project-Image Project Title Project Type Single Project Single Project

Consulting Services

Providing technical advice on buying heavy machinery and supplying spare parts as well as assessing contractors and suppliers are some part of our services in the field of technical and engineering services. Moreover, providing foreign trade consultations is among other activities of the unit that has been long ago offered at AryaTruck Company. Consultation, development, and audit of business plans (BPs) in the field of heavy machinery and set up of specialized repair shops are also among the main activities of the unit..

Technical and Engineering Service Unit

Technical and Engineering Service Unit Relying on years of experience in supplying parts and providing technical and engineering services and cooperation with government corporations and accredited private companies, AryaTruck has created one of the most specialized technical and engineering service units. This unit consists of different service sectors. The unit services include: 1. Overhaul Management Maintenance and repairing machinery play an essential role in saving capitals for each projects and are effective in enhancing machinery lifetime and functionality. Overhaul management includes factors such as determining the timing and activities of overhaul, careful planning, principled budgeting and forecasting critical conditions. Appropriate overhaul management increases reliability and efficiency and reduces great overhaul costs in an organization. 2. Establishment of the Machinery Maintenance and Repair Systems Preventive maintenance is a method of planning and scheduling to perform activities related to machinery maintenance to prevent their abnormal erosion and reduce machinery breakdowns. .... Read More…


AryaTruck Company, by relying on years of experience of supplying parts and providing services and collaborating with government corporations and reliable private companies, offers a complete set of technical and engineering training